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Bracknell Forest Safeguarding Board

I don't feel safe

Last updated: 14/07/2020

If you are being hurt, treated in a way that makes you feel scared, uncomfortable or unsafe, or you feel very alone or unhappy, please tell someone about it so they can try to help you.

Talk to someone you can trust, like a teacher or a nurse at your school.  They will listen to you, support you and talk through what can be done to help sort things out.  Very often difficulties can be helped by trusted adults you already know. Asking for help early on can help stop things getting worse so if you are worried about yourself or someone you know tell someone, REPORT IT or talk to someone in confidence:

Childline - 0800 1111

You can call anytime for free, it's confidential and the call won't show on the phone bill.

For local counselling support contact Youthline or Kooth

MASH (Multi-agency Safeguarding Hub) by email mash@bracknell-forest.gov.uk or phone 01344 352005.  If it’s after 5pm or the weekend call 01344 351999

Police - call 999 if you or someone you know is at immediate risk or danger.  You can also contact the police in a non-emergency 24hrs a day, 7 days a week, by calling 101.

What happens if someone is worried about a child or young person?

If a baby, child or young person has been harmed or there are worries that they might be harmed in the future, the law says that the local authority (Bracknell Forest Council) has to find out what has happened so that children can be kept safe.

A social worker, sometimes together with a police officer, will talk to the child or young person to find out how they feel and what worries them.  They will normally talk to the parents and carers as well (unless the young person has explained that this may make things worse).

If there are a lot of concerns a meeting called a Child Protection Conference will be arranged.  Parents, carers and the children or young people will be invited to attend along with people who know the family, for example a teacher, doctor or a health visitor.  There is a leaflet: Information for children and young people about child protection conferences

Legal Information

LawStuff is a website that provides young people with lots of free legal information over the phone or online about many different things.  For example, it explains your rights as a child, a who's who of adult professionals you may come into contact with whilst growing up, the law, education and much more.